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2003 was the 100th Year Anniversay of Flight and with that, ICTV1 started paying tribute to the human spirit that frees itself from the restraints and limitations of time, nature's laws and gravity.

TRANCERELLA - DANCERELLA expressing life in motion. Allowing oneself to connect beyond the music, lights and social intention.

From July 1st to June 30th each year, ICTV1 crews and personnel search for our TRANCERELLA - DANCERELLA dancers.

They are chosen from those we've seen dancing at events, or through video submissions to ICTV1 and will be given their Trancerella - Dancerella titles July 4th each year.

Photo shoot and video given to all winners.

Now Scouting For : TRANCERELLA - DANCERELLA 2006

Email or call ICTV1 (954-296-5204) about participation or to let us know about dance music events.

the terms TRANCERELLA and DANCERELLA (c) 2002-2003 ICTV1 all rights reserved


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