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Real-Time, Get Real, The Real Deal... all attempts to try and "get into" the moment with more focus or a greater sense of reality. But, can you handle reality? It's all around you all the time. So much of it in fact, that most spend their waking moments thinking and experiencing life from their objective mind, and even worse, experiencing their lives as they perceive others view it. The only thing worse are those that intentionally fill others with halve-truths as truths. They steal reality and leave nothing real for themselves or the others around them. In either case, experiencing the world in a true and unself-edited mix bag of self-imposed random thoughts, no matter how sophisticated or intellectualized the fantasy, is something to aspire to. Even if only for a few minutes from time to time. Like how you feel while looking at or creating art. Time nor thought are law. a new art form. It is not photography although it is similiar in its optical form of acceptance. It can be single or multiple images, a composite or collage, displayed as a physical print or in electronic and digital media forms.

Inspired by contemporary photographer "David McGlynn", photo-journalist "photon" uncovers the power of sequential real-time imaging. Where McGlynn captures the essence of his imagery in his minds-eye prior to shooting his work, "photon's" Photonography takes place in a retrospective form. It's the revisiting of motion digital image capturing within hours after electronically recording events and other real-time moments while the emotion of the image capturing event is fresh. As with anything new, Photonography is a form in progress. It's early works will be remembered perhaps as crude examples of future representation.

It may be a 1920 Jaguar backing into a parking space, a walk down a street, a dancer in a club, two lovers holding each other, or a singer's expression during a soulful ballad. There are many facial close-ups as it's humanity and it's infinite portraits that make up much of our facinating landscape.

Honest, human, "in the moments" immediate impression expression.

The selection of Photonographic images are always in sequence, and rarely color or texturally enhanced as most contemporary digital images are. The result of a Photonographic is an experiential truth. What you are looking at has happened. There's no argument with a Photonograph. Reality bites, so don't be surprised if you look at one and find something your love or hate. They will be totally subjected to your conscious and subconscious minds and may prevoke you to see a little more about who YOU are.


Some see the individual images first then see the collage/composite. Let your eyes and body relax and allow some time for your personal experience. Scroll the long Photonographs up and down causually, finding the sections that evoke noticable thoughts and feelings... and stay cool.

... and remember, some people read from right to left and others, top to bottom.

Enjoy the many Photonographic pages on ICTV1. Some are purely for electronic news and event promotion and others are more intentionally artistic. Occassionally you will find GIF animations also inserted within the ICTV1 web Photonographic collages, that by nature are seqenced images that are stacked on top of each other in the same field of reference separated by time values. The viewing perspective is from the top, like looking down on a 3 dimensional chess set, with the ability to scroll the bottom plane while viewing as a webpage. The animated gifs represent images that are floating on top of the bottom multi-image plane and their sequencing appears to allow for glimpses into rarely seen alternate viewing planes that exist in the many depths of field between the bottom multi-image plane and yourself.

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all images and the terms photonography, photonograph and photonographic (c) 2002-2003 photon


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