ICTV1 has always been inspired by the makers of the "new music" as some would call it. Sans language, sans predictable musical form and free. Right from the start, it was the music makers, or who New York Magazine called "Phonologists" that brought upon us the current world beats and sounds. Dancing is a big part of what this new music is about. Most of it is labeled as Dance Music and that's that. Why get boxed into a category? Let's just dance and have a good time. Never in any of the 100's of New Music Events, have we seen anything other than people, dancing and having a great time. Imagine that, not one fight. Why? The music and the music maker's, like captains of ships, create a vibe where the person next to you is an ally not an enemy. Click below for either a personal "in-studio" interview session or performace by the artist.

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