Kravis Center, West Palm Beach Halloween Eve

Best known for his 30-year tenure with the Grateful Dead, legendary drummer
Mickey Hart brings his Fall Tour ensemble to the Kravis Center for an evening of
traditional rock with an Afro-Cuban beat. Featured artists include:
percussionist Nengue Hernandez, vocalist Bobi Cespedes, renowned salsa
bassist Tahsaan Fredericks and Bay area guitarist Barney Doyle.

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Mickey Hart Band, Sound Tribe Sector 9 to Perform at Earthdance Festival
The Mickey Hart Band and Sound Tribe Sector 9 are among the performers for this
year's Earthdance, which will take place on October 12 - 14 at Ya-Ka-Ama Native
American Reservation in Santa Rosa, CA. Earthdance is a part of The Global
Festival for Peace, which is the world's largest synchronized dance event and
includes more that 100 cities in 45 countries.
Sunday at 4 p.m. PST, every DJ at
festivals around the world will play the same song, "Prayer for Peace."
In Santa
The Mickey Hart Band will then lead the "Drums for Peace" ceremony.
Audience participation is highly encouraged, as the group will attempt to lead the
biggest drum circle ever attempted for world peace.
For more information, visit
http://earthdance.org http://www.vibehealth.com

P O S T - E V E N T - R E P O R T

VibeHealth's Hodin had Mickey Hart sign a few Bali Djimbes which were
donated to Earthdance. Hodin created a $5 raffle for the $500 Drum signed by
Mickey Hart off stage,. During the performance sat.@ 4pm all held hands
with the children for the prayers for peace., Towards the end of the show,
Hodin went on stage with Mickey to select the raffle winners..
Mickey then asked Hodin to keep the music going, so they all played
together through the conclusion of the
Drums & Prayers for Peace event and ceremony.

Thousands of dollars were raised.
Danny Lapon, a good friend of the group
won the last drum given away at 7pm, He then gave the drum to
the head native american indian, of who owned the land where Earthdance took place.
The highlight of the show, was being united in the spirit of love.

Visit the Mickey Hart website at http://www.mhart.com

about the venue

Host to more than 800 performances a year, its space has been
Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. Concert Hall is its main stage. This 2,193-seat
interior is reminiscent of a traditional opera house. Since this state-of-the-art
venue opened in 1992, it has quickly become a favorite among locals. Known for
its acoustically perfect sound system, the Dreyfoos Concert Hall is one of the
best venues to experience theater. Direct link to

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