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Date: August 20, 2008
To: All Media
From: ICTV1, Tuesday Gilliam, Entertainment News Correspondent
Subject: “THE HOUSE”

For Immediate Release:


Kristin Patten partners with Dissident Music to highlight Noel Sanger as the South Florida’s hottest DJ in the party of the year.

(West Palm Beach, FL) 08/08/08– South Florida just got even hotter this summer thanks to Kristen Patten and DJ Noel Sanger introducing Dissident Music in the most amazing party of the summer at The House, a mansion turned nightclub for one night, showcasing Noel and 25 other DJs, two fashions shows, and the best night 2008 has seen.

After returning from a weekend in LA’s club scene Kristen Patten decided that she was sick of having to fly to LA every time she wanted to hear her favorite DJ’s.  Patten, now partner to Noel Sanger’s record label Dissident Records is handling all business affairs allowing Sanger to do what he does best, make beautiful music.

Sanger’s recent move to South Florida now makes his music a permanent fixture in the area, and he definitely knows how to bring the party with him.  Dissident Music went all out to make this night worth remembering. Throughout the night The House was filled with 1500 people from Miami to the Treasure Coast, who ventured to the 100% free event - no cover, open bar, and all the free music you could stand. 1000 people never even made it in the door.

I wanted it to be a private party at a mansion so that we could use the title "The House.” I ended up with the dream team. Jennifer Bruner, my personal assistant, and DJ Jose Mata, were the most helpful on the team. Mixed with the promoters Barry Co, Palm Beach House (Lenny Gomez and Marco Paez), Addictive Entertainment (Julian Carbon, and Lewis) and Mike Zee's Sunsets Tans, the people and music flourished together for a dissident movement.” –Kristin Patten

Hundreds of cars lined the yards of the development while people followed the yellow brick road to a 20,000 sq foot mansion fully equipped with bouncers, red carpet, rope, police officers, lasers and state-of-the-art audiophile gear.

The foyer/sitting room and living room provided one of the dance floors as the DJ booth overlooked from the top of the upper balcony stairwell. Djs Mike Miro, Ismael and Duncan Beatz rocked out like crazy Maestros overlooking the crowd below many others Djs joined them throughout the night. The beautiful den was converted into a V.I.P. only hospitality room.

The swimming pool on the back patio was dressed with a magnificent runway where flawless beauties paraded throughout the night in fashions from up and coming designers. What better way to spice up an already perfect party than to send beauties in bikinis across a lit up pool.

DJ Una Slim (Tampa) and Amber Cox’s line “Wear to the Tear Vintage” sparkled the catwalk with the funkiest shades of glitter balls and loud mixed patterns thrift hunters could find. Una Slim mastered the decks at the pool while her line of clothing danced for the audience while Amber skipped down the runway drinking champagne looking as wild as her clothes were.

The DJ’s outside really created the party atmosphere. Artists such as German Garcia, Jason Brown, Jose Mata and Riot Gear joined headliner Noel Sanger and by 4 a.m. the music had reached new heights even for a crowd this big. Sanger appeased with his melodic house tracks, and his level of sophistication proved that he had the experience under his belt to reign the evening.

Sanger has been a front-runner in Electronic music for over a decade, and has worked with biggest named DJs all over the world, including programming the collaborations of Tiesto and BT. His massive discography has surpassed 200 released productions appearing on 30 plus record labels including Armada, Baroque, Curvve, System, and Electrofly just to name a few. Even though everyone in the industry knows Sanger is a loaded gun, he just may be the best-kept secret in dance music.  Sanger has managed to fly under the radar, staying truly underground, and South Florida is in for big things with him. It’s his time to create the place that suits him best, and Florida has been ready and waiting. He’s been called “One of the top three in the world right now” by “Bedrock’s” Jonathan Lisle.” 

Dissident Records has landed into an area with an unlimited amount of talent. Local DJs from the area have been working hard to get “House Music” back in the limelight, and “The House” event gave them the opportunity to expose their tracks and talent to all the right people. Dissident Music must have heard the potential all night and big things are coming from this area, starting with this night.

“The timing was perfect as Kristin and I had begin to collaborate on the label already, so now that we can set up shop together, it made sense to bring her in as a partner to handle promotions broadly, and Dissident Music Events specifically. We have so much already in the works, some massive stuff in Palm Beach for sure, and Dissident events will be popping up in clubs all over the US and even the world.”—Noel Sanger

This party was one-of-a–kind, truly the party of the year. “The House” mixed with Dissident Music made a lasting impression on everyone who attended, soon not to be forgotten, of course until the next party.

To see coverage of this event please visit: http://ictv1.com/music/dissidentmusic

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Kristin Patten & Dissident Music

Palm Beach House
Jennifer Bruner
Addictive Entertainment
Mike Z's Sunset Tans

Wear to Tear Vintage
Secret Lil Panty Shop

Noel Sanger, Kaenow, Una Slim, Jose Mata, Cesco Cardinas, German Garcia, Jenn Martinello, Jason Brown, Riot Gear, H-Bomb, Brian Shack, Mike Miro, Christopher James, Major, Duncan Beatz, Talley, Marco Paez, Ismael, Mike Harrington, J.Martinezz, Salvatore & John Paul, Rama, Andres Villamil, DJ Jana, XL, Majorl

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