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ANTIFOLK CONCERT - Bamboo Room - Lake Worth, Florida
PALEFACE Paleface Paleface. Why were we always hearing his name. Now we know. Paleface is pure antifolk lifesyle. His syncopated rhythms he says are nothing special and just playing around. NOT ! You should catch him even if you have to drive 100 miles to do so.
For such an amazing performer, JOIE BLANEY remains understated in many ways yet totally in control of his environment. JOIE has a unique ability to fill the room "wall-to-wall" with not only his music but a polarizing psychic presence that insists you have fun, enjoy yourself and have a good laugh too.
JEFF LEWIS is comig up strong so definitely watch out for him. Jeff's artistic talents include producing music videos of his songs without a camera or DVD machine. His songs are myriads of didactic spun in an almost unconscious ease but delivered at times with the speed of an active brain synapse. You'll think you heard a thousand words a minute... you did.
KEITH MICHAUD from Florida joins this NY Antifolk Anti All-Stars and is truly a consumate performer. His music is thoughtful, raw and unabashed. We look foward to seeing him again soon.
What can we say they're THE FREAKIN HOTT from Florida.
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