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DECO - 251 Sunrise Avenue Palm Beach
DECO is the newest restaurant destination on Palm Beach Island, a place where local residents really know and appreciate the finest cuisine in the world.

DECO is truly unique and offers great All-American dining all the time for the entire family. Fresh carved Turkey and Prime Rib are served right at your table nitely as well as a host of other rarely found fun food not usually on the menu in other restaurants. Great French Fries, the best Macoroni and Cheese we've tasted around town, great steaks and their unique min-burgers, bite sized portions of delicious hamburger for those that just want to sit down and have something good to eat without all the fancy cullinary fuss.

DECO is located at 251 Sunrise, the Palm Beach Hotel's once famous "251 Nightclub" ground floor location. Enter into a beautiful bar entrance with a grand piano and beautiful wine closet lit for viewing. The atmosphere is both casual and elegant and although we tried many of their dishes, their Prime Rib was absolutely amazing.

DECO sports two great bars, one in the entrance lounge and another in the main dining room. Private parties are available upon request. Click image on right to enter.

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