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"afterglo" - south beach, miami
.special press dinner at"afterglo"
"afterglo" Invited the press for dinner and we have to say that concept, hipness, elegance and sexiness aside, this was a night of magical cuisine. We get the concept and we've been long term fans of Tim and his ability to create new alchemy, but to see it, feel it, touch it and taste the combination of cullinary talent and health in an environment that nurtures all your senses, communicates to deeper parts of oneself. You feel like they understood. The result, you "feel good." We know the press will have a field day praising "afterglo" for both Executive chef Michael Schwartz's talents and owner Tim Hogle's scientific knowledge, but beyond all the well intended public relations, this is one resaturant that you must try. Allow yourself to be seduced into feeling great.

Conceived by South Beach restaurateur Tim Hogle, the ingredients for beauty cuisine hinge upon three key ideas: scientific parameters, a strict food sourcing plan and inventive gentle cooking techniques. Schwartz and Hogle’s work has resulted in a culinary breakthrough that is designed to combat a law of physics that continuously diminishes a person’s physical appearance, vitality and health. Known as entropy, the scientific principle says that natural physical laws cause everything to fall apart, including the human body. The beauty cuisine at "afterglo" is high in a vital force called “syntropy.” Syntropy works in direct opposition to entropy by creating more order, symmetry and regeneration in living systems, ultimately, reversing entropy................CLICK - 4 - MENU

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