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"afterglo" menu



live maine lobster sashimi

lobster tail sashimi style with nuta sauce, real wasabi & nama shoyu & claws

served tempura with warm nambanzuki sauce

wild venison tataki

with a salad of julienne apple, arugula, crushed juniper berries & spiced

pumpkin seeds drizzled with raw honey & apple cider vinegar

parsnip & miso soup

sautéed leeks & wild mushrooms, watercress & parsley oil

carpaccio of east coast summer fluke

shaved burdock root & fresh hearts of palm salad, preserved meyer lemon, chili

paste, extra virgin olive oil & celtic sea salt

wild japanese horse mackerel sashimi

a whole fish presented with freshly grated ginger, scallion & ponzu sauce

kappa naruto summer rolls

carrots, peppers, pea shoots, jicama, guajillo soy glaze & papaya ginger sauce

tosaka “sushi rolls”

parsnip & pinenut “rice”, avocado, daikon, carrot, pea shoots,

real wasabi, nama shoyu & pickled ginger

grilled mediterranean sardines

salsa verde, elephant garlic chips, watercress, roasted tomato

yellow tomato gazpacho

with a salad of avocado, pickled red onion & watercress, hemp seeds & hemp seed oil

live diver scallop ceviche

served in it’s shell over crushed ice with watermelon, cucumber, cilantro, scallion & ponzu sauce

the beauty pill

freshly ground wild caught sockeye salmon mixed with fresh tumeric,

hu zhang, fennel, apple, walnuts, garlic, dill, parsley, green onion & curry

powder pan seared and served with tosaka seaweed salad

here comes the sun

crisp whole wheat flatbread topped with sprouted pumpkin seed, sesame seed,

black cumin, flax, sunflower seed & caraway seed served with

sunshine dahl & chili oil

wild sockeye salmon tartare

avocado, mango, minced shallot, raw quail egg, basil, citrus – sesame

vinaigrette & dragon crackers

grass fed vietnamese style bison ceviche

bibb lettuce, home grown sprout mix, red onion, bell pepper, lime,

wild jungle peanuts & crispy shallots

2 vegetable carpaccios

raw artichoke with shaved aged goat cheese, chives, lemon, extra virgin olive

oil, homegrown milk thistle spouts, celtic sea salt

raw “grilled” asparagus with “BBQ” oil, celtic sea salt & sundried tomato tapenade


way to glo

baby red mustard greens, watercress, homemade crunchy sprout blend, carrot,

cucumber, radish, fresh burdock root, scallions, sliced red onion & nasturtium

flowers tossed in a soy – marjoram vinaigrette sprinkled with hemp seeds

accompanied by a fresh papaya & aloe vera juice shot

the big blue

fresh sea beans tossed in a ponzu dressing. wakame, silky palm & hijiki seaweed

marinated in nama shoyu & rice vinegar. green & red tosaka & ogonori tossed with

a miso – citrus dressing. all sprinkled with soy spiced sunflower seeds

a beautiful mind

baby romaine lettuce tossed with blueberries, walnuts, brazil nuts, organic sun

dried goji berries & thai coconut meat garnished with a pomegranate – chia seed

jelly & ground raw cacao in a rosemary, ginko & gotu kola vinaigrette

sing like there is no one listening

ruby red grapefruit & red radish salad with baby bok choy, fresh mint &

homegrown red clover sprouts drizzled with eucalyptus honey, extra virgin olive

oil & crushed pink peppercorns

shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen

arugula, watercress, warm egg, black cumin, hair seaweed, flying fish roe,

homegrown sunflower sprouts & marinated wild mushrooms dressed with hemp, poppy

& pumpkin seed dressing and followed by a freshly squeezed baby green apple juice shot


grilled rib eye of american grass fed bison

apricot leather beggar’s purse filled with spiced hazelnuts & yogurt cheese,

pickled red onions, & arugula pesto

grilled rack of new zealand grass fed lamb

green papaya slaw, fiery wild jungle peanut chutney & tamarind sauce

“tunisian” grilled vegetables

mache, tomato – harissa sauce, parsley oil & stuffed oasis flatbread

pan roasted breast of wild pheasant

marinated wild mushrooms, arugula, pistachio “bread”, raw chocolate

mole sauce & chipotle oil

coriander dusted albacore tuna

tabouleh, green olive tapenade, salsa cruda of local organic vegetables & fresh

herbs & tomato oil

grilled & sliced sirloin of wild nilgai antelope

vegetable & pignoli “ricotta” tartlette

steamed wild alaskan halibut

korean kimchi of baby bok choy, basil oil, raw honey – kimchi glaze & spiced pumpkin seeds

homemade saffron – almond penne pasta

pesto, slivered artichoke, marinated portobello, sundried tomato, toasted

almonds & shaved aged raw goat cheese

sautéed filet of wild sockeye salmon

served on a bed of fresh dandelion greens and topped with a salad of fresh young

coconut, green papaya, peppers, carrot & homegrown sprouts tossed in a tamarind

dressing, drizzled with an almond chili sauce & spiced cashews

the raw plate sampler

choose any 4. salad of young coconut & green papaya with chili almond sauce &

spiced cashews, Korean kimchi of baby bok choy with kimchi glaze & spiced

pumpkin seeds, apricot leather beggars purse with pickled red onion & arugula

pesto, cucumber summer rolls, tosaka sushi rolls, wild mushroom & arugula

tartlette with raw mole sauce, ginko nuts & chipotle oil or green papaya slaw

with fiery jungle peanut chutney & tamarind sauce


steamed brown rice with julienne burdock root, shiitake & wilted dandelion

puree of sweet potato with napa cabbage, walnuts & orange zest

green salad with arugala and watercress

beauty pearls hato mugi barley cooked with miso, roasted corn & edamame

afterglo desserts

tropical syntropy

a light & refreshing dessert with no sugar consisting of honey & coriander

glazed mango with pineapple vinaigrette sorbet, pistachio crust & pea tendril salad

honey pot

a walnut tartlette filled with banana cinnamon crème, topped with sliced bananas

& orange segments with a organic raw chocolate sauce drizzled with honey &

sprinkled with hemp seeds

a completely raw dessert with no sugar


assorted fruits & berries with champagne jelly, melon sorbet & watermelon pop rocks

a perfect sunset

grenadine glazed peaches & apple strudel with caramelized

walnuts & yogurt sauce

chocolate, salt & olive oil

milk chocolate cremoso sprinkled with celtic sea salt & drizzled with organic

extra virgin olive oil served with sourdough toast & a coffee parfait

the way of the sun

carrot cake & pink peppercorn mousse served with thai coconut

sorbet & carrot – white chocolate sauce


a savory cream cheese tart served with a blackberry compote & goat cheese –

black pepper ice cream

chocolate 8 textures

chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, chocolate dust, chocolate ice cream,

chocolate cremoso, Mexican chocolate soup, chocolate tuille & chocolate candy

the beauty inside

a warm molten chocolate cake filled with an aromatic blue cheese ganache with a

roasted pear compote, blackberry sorbet, honey drizzle & black pepper

indian passion

curried dark chocolate mousse served over passion fruit jelly with crisp filo

let it glo

this raw dessert pairs a filling of apricot & coconut cream inside an almond

vanilla tart topped with daikon sprouts & a mango black pepper drizzle

breathe deep

a super refreshing green tea granite paired with fresh blueberries, pedro

ximinez reduction & orange anise sorbet

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