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"afterglo" - south beach, miami
.our favorite restaurateurs Tim & Irina Hogle open the new and exciting "afterglo"
"afterglo" is a celebration of food, drink and all other life-empowering human endeavors. A place where beauty and indulgence coexist." - owner Dr. Tim Hogle

"afterglo's" menu focuses on international Beauty Cuisine; with fresh locally armed organic products, wild game and seafood from sustainable sources. Flavors, spices, ingredients, products, and recipes span the globe and each dish is prepared within specific beauty parameters.

Eating is our most regular and habitual activity. Therefore making the consumption of beautifying foods a personal habit has the highest potential to achieve the most favorable results.

What makes afterglo's Beauty Cuisine so highly beautritional? Food with a low glycemic index rating
Food with anti-inflammatory properties. The PH affect (alkalizing reaction) of the food on the body. Most of us are too acidic. Acidity promotes deterioration. Alkalinity promotes regeneration. High Enzymatic content. Our bodies need abundant amounts of enzymes to digest properly utilize and direct the beauty nutrients.

Use of the Full Food Color Spectrum. In these vibrant colors are the phytochemicals, pigments and antioxidants that a body needs for radiant beauty. They also contain an abundance of minerals and vitamins. ...............................CLICK-4-MENU

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