ICTV1 Fashion Feature

STYLE BAR - Datura St. West Palm Beach FL

Datura St. West Palm Beach, FL
Fashion Hot Flash - March 2010

The hottest new fashion boutique in the Palm Beaches is STYLE BAR located on Datura St between Bradleys and the new Gratify Restaurant where Spoto's Oyester Bar used to be. Gerry, a long time fashionista in the Palm Beaches who previously owned and operated the cool Rhythm Clothing for many years on both Olive and in City Place, has taken contemporary fashion and boutique retail to the next level. A fashionalble retail outlet and wine bar where being social is so natural you'll still find yourself there after shopping to listen to the news, local gossip and Style Bar's secret weapon, songstress Lauren Echo, who tickles the ivories and sings up a storm with sultry and passionate flair. The clothes are so cool, but what else would you expect from a 20 year successful contemporary fashion expert. Visit the Style Bar and drop in on Fridays for a social treat before or after dinner. Photos and videos by ICTV1's Neil London coming soon.


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