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Kashmir Miami - One Lincoln Road South Beach, Miami Florida 305-674-9402
"KASHMIR" in South Beach, Miami Florida is conveniently located right off the entrance lobby of the beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel. Everything in KASHMIR is "hand-made" and carefully selected by Sartaj Kahn, the consumate Indian import expert that owns KASHMIR.

Our Art Basel Miami annual feature promtped us to venture out of the Miami Convention Center in search of high quality local businesses that offer the finest luxury products and services for both the Miami tourist and business traveler. KASHMIR caught our eye while we were at the Ritz Plaza simply because it is so beautiful and every item in the store seemed like it would be a valued gift item for a loved one. For women especially, the finely crafted clothing and accessories were just spectacular. As Sartaj gave us a tour of KASHMIR and showed us with pride his curated collection of imported gift and personal items, we couldn't help being drawn to the fine tapestries and rugs as well. The tapestries were framed museum style and he also showed us a sample of rugs that in our opinion could have been in any gallery in the main Art Basel exhibition. One fine silk rug was the finest we had ever seen, and Sartaj presented it with all the royalty one might expect if you were being shown fine evening gowns by Oscar de la Renta himself. If you're in Miami or South Beach Florida you must go over to KASHMIR even if just to delight your senses. "Rich tradition with contemporary design."

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