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Saturday Night Fervor... if you missed it, too bad for you.

Saturday night 1000 + people crammed into Resort Nightclub in West Palm Beach to see both the current and vintage designs of the amazing Betsey Johnson. Betsey Johnson first wowed the contemporary fashion scene in New York in the late 1960's and with the attention from both the public and press, became a fashionista household word for the past 40 years. Her mission and message to women, "have fun" and you can tell immediately by walking into any one of her national retail stores that fun and art are combined season by season into offerings for young and old women alike who care to be seen in an uplifting and downright inspiring design and colorscheme. From a simple blouse and skirt to layers and layers of the most fun materials, including some peek-a-boo see though items, Betsey's clothes make you and the voyeur happy. Betsey Johnson's trip to Florida started on Friday where she made an appearance at her Coral Gables Merrick Park location and then on Saturday she made a personal appearance at her City Place, West Palm Beach store where manager Regina Rossi arranged what was probably the most fun retailers public event in the area this season starting at 5 pm. Betsey was illuminating. Her beauty, smile, charm and philanthropy towards the NBCC National Breast Cancer Coalition and Foundation, the nations #1 ethical breast cancer organizations, as per this April's CNN/Money report about the 650 breast cancer groups in the US by Charity Navigator, (http://www.charitynavigator.org) were apparent at all moments.

Betsey is a breast cancer survivor and with her wonderful openess and genuine warmth is easily able to approach this topic publically amongst her fans and customers. M. Carolina Hinestrosa, MA, MPH, Executive Vice President, Programs and Planning of the NBCC flew in from Washingtom DC to help support Betsey's efforts on behalf of the organization. Betsey Johnson always donates a healthy porton of her daily receipts whenever her retail locations open to the public or produce special events.

Betsey continued greeting the hundreds of visitors that came out to see her in West Palm Beach and in this reporter's opinion worked tirelessly to make sure that each and everyone of them were personally greeted and given personal attention. She signed autographs on everything from clothing to old Betsey Johnson shopping bags from the 70's and 80's that faithful customers had brough in for her to sign. One beautiful model named Bobbi drove all the way in from Stewart Florida to meet Betsey and buy one of her latest outfits and the best of South Florida nightlife, lifestyle and fashion media, ICTV1 and Closer Magazine as well as others were on hand to cover the event. There were cameras everywhere that added to the excitement of the days event. Beverages were served by Bacardi, and wonderful snacks and sweet treats were served as well. Special mention must be made about entire staff of Betsey Johnson's City Place store. Everyone looked beautiful and each was a perfect hostess with the mostest at the event.

Dinner with Frank and Shamin Cilione owners of Tsunami Restaurant and Resort Nightclub followed for some at Tsunami and then the evening only got even better. The Betsey Johnson Fashion Show at Resort Nightclub in City Place was one to be remembered. Starting with hair and make-up by Justin's of Palm Beach, Palm Beach's #1 Salon of choice on Royal Poincianna Way, the 8 gorgeous models prepared back stage at Resort with Justin and Bill Lynch and their fantastic staff to create the look, vibe and attitude that would portay the fun and glamour needed to accompany Betsey's current and classic choice of wardrobe. If you ever want to look and feel like a celebrity you should definitely call Justin's of Palm Beach for an appointment. And, if you have a special event or wedding to goto you would best call them as well. You won't believe the compliments you'll receive.

The show's wardrobe is hot hot hot and the approximate 1000+ crowd are waiting for the show where eight models are each showcasing 3 different outfits each. With the press in place after shooting backstage for over an hour the show begins with upbeat dance music and a huge video screen behind the runway playing various Betsey Johnson videos. ICTV1's Neil London placed additional lighting to highlight the trademark Betsey Johnson pink color into the show. The runway ran the entire length of Resort's main dancefloor and it's a good thing, because even the models can't help stepping up to the energy and fun that personafies Betsey Johnson. Each model danced and strutted the runway twice in each outfit which only added to the fun and excitement and allowed the guests to enjoy a little more time with Betsey. The finale included Betsey coming on stage in gracious form, thanking everyone for their appreciation and then stepping off the runway to bring up Shamin Cilione co-owner of Resort who produced the show. Betsey and Shamin walked and danced down the runway together and then all the models joined onstage for the final group walk.

Within two minutes after the show, the professional staff of Resort Nighclub had removed the runway in it's entirety and the dance floor rocked till 4 in the morning. We have to say that this was the best Nightclub Fashion Show we've seen to date in the Palm Beaches, and we know, since we cover many of them throughout the year. Congratulations Betsey, Justins, Resort, Shamin and Regina... in a town that's filled with style, your version of style and fun is so much more enjoyable. Let's do it again soon.

See over 700 pictures from the day event and evening fashion show on ICTV1 at http://ictv1.com/fashion/betseyjohnson. Backstage coming soon.


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