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RENEGADES NIGHTCLUB - 4833 Okeechobee Blvd West Palm Beach Florida 33417 - 561-683-9555

Renegades, Palm Beach Psst by Michael Alicea
Every time I step into Renegades in West Palm Beach I am totally amazed. I know I shouldn't be, simply because Renegades is a great place and should be well populated by gangs of cowboys, cowgals, and everything in between, but the sheer number of them can be - well, amazing.

Now, don't let that fact scare you away. This isn't some small club with size-envy issues whose directive at the door is "pack 'em in 'til it bursts at the seems." Nope. Renegades is huge and can handle the near 1,500+ crowds that visit to hear a few tunes, dance holes in their alligator boot soles, and drink with some of the livliest and wildest bartenders all of Palm Beach County.

Once inside - after no guff nor gruff at the door - you walk into an enormous space with raised platform bars on either side of you, a huge near-circular dancefloor beside you, and beyond all this, there are two more bars, a game area, and one heck of a mechanical bull. (All the action, according to one source, shifts to the bull late night. Wink.)

Fortune is on track for Renegades now that the Lowes nightmare parking lot fracas is over. And, there's an exciting development in the works that will launch Renegades, and West Palm with it, to famed heights - but, come to think of it... I think that's a secret, so never mind. Ahem.

If visiting Renegades, be sure to ask for my girl, Jenna Thomas. I say she's my girl because, well, she's mine. She is the best bartender in West Palm. Period. Tut-tut! I don't want to hear it, she's tops, capische? Jenna is not only a total babe wrapped in luscious and topped with vavoom, she's also a marvel behind the bar, at the top of her game, a wicked entertainer and - as is that all wasn't enough - she breathes fire too. Biased, you say? You bet. Once you've been served by the best, there's no turning back. Just go and see for yourself.


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