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HILTON HOTEL CLUB 10 - ICTV1 & AMG Entertaiment "GET WET" SUNDAY POOL PARTY - Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach

The PALM BEACH PSST by Michael Alicea

Sundays can be a ho-hum day for those of us who can't stand the tedious task of hauling from house to house following a ball (football, baseball, what have you) as if we were some obedient puppy tasked to fetch. If this is your bag, more power to you and Go Astros! However, my sunny Sundays have a diffent destination in mind, and that is the Airport Hilton for their Pool Party Sundays.
The Hilton has been in the midst of transformation for some years now. They took one of their spaces in the lobby and remade it into Club 10. Initially, this space hosted a Latin Party on Saturdays that I found a tad lacking, but it's a different party now, and that's dandy.
4 to about 8 p.m. Sundays though, the pool is king at the Hilton. Local DJs Adam Lipson, German Garcia, Ismaell, Brian Shack, Jason Brown and a host of Soth Florida DJ talent spin cool dance and remix tunes under the tent, and the full service tiki bar serves delectable drinks to the bikini and boardshort clad clientele.
Yes, this is not your average pool party, where people show up practically dressed for an evening out, sipping martinis and discussing who has more than the other and how they are better than most. This is a real pool party, where the pool is open for use - and pretty fun too - and many guests take up the offer.
For those of you who find that a little intimidating, because the thought of appearing in public less than fully dressed means you are opening yourself to public scrutiny and ridicule, get over it now. The crowd may be peppered with the glitterati of the Palm Beach social scene (most of the time), but not once have I noticed anyone wasting their time sizing anyone up. Again, it's not that kind of party.
If you're looking for a cool pool party - like the one you've always wanted to be invited to - look no further. Here it is and you ARE invited. Jump in. Come by car, boat or plane. Pix by ICTV1's Neil London, Michael Alicea and JR Davis.

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