Florida Arts Feature

Florida Art - ART BASEL MIAMI - 2007 - South Beach Miami Florida

What's your favorite invisible color? Would there be art without light? This year's Art Basel Miami's intensity traveled far off the visual spectrum. The exausted merchants of art gladly wore their fatigue and by the end of this year's Art Basel, we coud hear their tired sales driven vocal chords say "we did great, see you next year." But that was yet another successful end to another year's business of selling art. With over 20 off-site art fairs and exhibitions, this 2007 Art Basel Miami was a stake through the heart of anyone who doubted that South Florida could be an epicenter of cultural activity. Our focus this year was on the main show, a curation of 200 of the world's greatest galleries, the art publishers and three great artists that have been riding below the radar. I just figured out why we haven't seen her for years, it's because she's an invisible light frequency. Ultra Violet. Don't know her? Shame on you. Buy and read "Famous for 15 Minutes" and then try and find some of her art. Mr. Taschen, we highly recommend that you give her a call. Other than seeing her work being represented by two galleries, Ultra Violet also premiered her 1973 film "The Last Supper" and walked the main exhibition with us. Each year, artist Dimitri Semakov, now European Director for ArtNet, scouts the galleries, owners, publishers and art for our camera crews. This year artist and writer Muldoon Elder founder of the famed New York Vorpal Gallery again joined Art TV as our Art Basel Miami Executive Correspondent. Click image above for pix and below for videos by ictv1, ArtTv and Palm Beach Television's Neil London.


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