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special "media rescue" retrospecive
"A NIGHT IN NEW ORLEANS - Media Rescue" has been conceived of because not only of the tragic events and effects of Hurricane Katrina in the Louisiana and Mississippi regions of the US, but because the media effect on the public at large seems psychologically cruel. We all understand that the press usually delivers bad news, and although we do want to see what happened there, "good-news" broadcast features are usuallly limited to local news stories about finding a family cat in a tree. We were invited to beautiful New Orleans by singer / producer Lisa Lowell to cover "A Night In New Orleans" at the Hotel Monteleone in NOLA's French Quarter. New Orleans has always been known for great food and great music and after spending a week in NOLA we agree there has been no better city combing the two almost every minute of everyday. A Night In New Orleans featured the amazing talents of TAJ MAHAL, PERCY SLEDGE, HARRY LEE and THE BACK ALLEY BLUES BAND, and BLUE EYED SOUL REVIEW. Finally, after weeks, the media is cutting back on tthe use of its' devastating imagery. We wanted to bring out some of the more positive images of New Orleans to both remember what was, and to what we can look forward to again in the future. As the region desperately tries to come to grips with the physical and emotional scars that history will no doubt mark as the worst natural disaster in the United States, the waters subside, families continue to grieve and we all share their sorrow. Please donate time, resources or money thought the American Red Cross or other sactioned organizations. CLICK IMAGE ON RIGHT FOR PIX
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American Red Cross at http://www.redcross.org and Green Cross at http://www.greencross.org
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