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Palm Beach, Florida 2007

Donald Trump is selling his newly renovated 117-room Palm Beach mansion for $125 million dollars.The New York Post. reported that Mr. Trump bought the 60,000-square-foot home for $40 million a year ago. Trump's "The Apprentice" winner took over the renovation responsibilities as part of her job with the Trump Organization and this private event was the unveiling of the prized piece of Palm Beach Real Estate

Billed as "the most expensive listing in the world", you should soon be able to see it on the websites of co-brokers Prudential Douglas Elliman and the Corcoran Group. The Observer reports that the property is approximately $3 million more than the previously most expensive listed residential property, Updown Court, a 103-room mansion outside of London, UK.

Not your usual real-estate open-house, the event was a social gathering for Ferrari, Rolls Royce and exotic car collectors from the Palm Beach region. Even Mr. and Mr's. Trump showed up in their red Ferrari.

Click the image to the right to enter the opening house event in Palm Beach. The first look at the world's most expensive residential real estate property. Pix by ICTV1's Neil London.

Click image above on right for the $125 Million Dollar Mansion or Mar-a-Lago button below for pix by ictv1's Neil London

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