CHEMTRAILS V/S CONTRIALS discussion group at the South Florida Audubon Society April 16th 2009. Guest Speaker Howard Dean continues his discussion about Chentrails an shows his Hodin Films Documentary. Supported by South Florida Audubon Society, ICTV1,,



April 15th, 2009- Miami- Ft. Lauderdale

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For Immediate Release: Chemtrails vs. Contrails

Special Meeting - South Florida Audubon Society


Time: 7:30 PM - Thursday April 16th - Howard Dean- Guest Speaker


Location: Fern Forest Nature Center- Coconut, Creek- 201 Lyons Rd.

(South of Atlantic Blvd.-on Lyons Rd)

The SFAS (South Florida Audubon Society) has invited film maker and environmentalist Howard Dean to this month’s special meeting. Howard will continue his presentation on Chemtrails vs. Contrails.  The discussion will delve deeper into our looking up into the sky at Chemtrails and the dumping of aluminum oxide, barium, arsenic and other particulate pollutants into the atmosphere from high flying specially equipped unmarked tanker (KC 135) jet airplanes for combating Global Warming and/or for some type of military experimental weather modification programs.

In addition, Randy Perini, another concerned citizen who has been following and reporting these abnormal “persistent jet trails” since the early 90’s, will also be a guest speaker. Randy will be showing several television news segments including the most recent report “Clouds of Secrecy” that aired on WSVN Channel #7, in 2008 along with the two informative “Toxic Sky” investigative news reports Part #1 & Part #2, which was produced by NBC4 TV, Los Angeles as well as soil and water lab reports showing high spikes of these pollutants.

“What makes this meeting so imperative to attend, is the recent comments made by President Obama’s newest science advisor – John Holdren, on April 8th, 2008, to AP Science Writer – Seth Bornstein”, states Perini. According to Holdren and other geo-engineers, they are calling for an immediate program that includes shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays for combating global warming as the condition is dire.

“Who are they trying to fool?”- states Perini. “We believe that these operations have been secretly taking place without public knowledge and consent since 1990 when the patent for stratospheric spraying with chemical compounds to combat global warming  was issued to Hughes Aircraft Company”., claims Perini. In fact the aerosol sorties have increased dramatically since 1999, and on almost any given day in South Florida and throughout other parts of the state and nation you can see these unmarked “Ghost Riders” in the Sky, laying down their traditional sky writing trademark, Giant X’s in the sky that do not dissipate but actually expand to resemble cirrus clouds creating a haze that blocks out the sunlight and creates spectacular pink and orange sunsets.

“The pollutant fallout from this spraying is impacting our water supply, our lakes, rivers and ocean, the everglades and all of forms of aquatic life and natural wild life including the birds, alligators, and much more including causing droughts.”, states Perini.  “It is time to demand a thorough investigation by our elected officials”, says Dean. Perini also points out to the increase of Alzheimer’s as well as influenza and respiratory type illnesses.

by: Randy Perini

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