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BORDERS is a household word when it comes to the best of Books, Music, DVD's and in our opinion cafe's too. You'll always find the latest book releases in hard cover and paperback as well as current CD and DVD releases of all your favorite music and movies. Celebrity authors and music makers make regular promotional autograph appearances. All the BORDERS we've visited were a great place to meet friends and perhaps someone new. And why not, they serve the best cappuccino in town. The BORDERS on Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale is one of the most beautiful and comfortable bookstores in the world. Truly "world-class" with cafe, a waterfront deck and view of the daily sunset and a floral butterfly garden to take a casual and meditative stroll. With celebrity appearances of the likes of James Patterson and RuPaul, why not make BORDERS part of your regular routine. Visit often.

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