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We were introduced to Ultra Violet in the mid 60's. She was the gorgeous and glamorous multi-talented artist that enchanted everyone. Picasso, Dali, royalty and eventually Andy Warhol who liberated her spirit in a way that no-one had done before. She lived as a work of art and today, many years after her best selling book, "Famous for Fifteen Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol" and her play "You Are What You Eat" Ultra Violet is as vibrant and prolific as ever. Born Isabelle Collin Dufresne and raised in Nice, Ultra Voilet continues to provoke the senses with her work. In 1997 at the "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory" Exhibition at AUDART in New York, Ultra Violet's "Who But An Angel Could Stop A Missle" was a key piece of art amongst the Artists of The Warhol Circle Exhibition that commemorated the 10th Anniversary of Andy Warhol's passing. Ultra Violet was in France at the time and could not attend, but her art spoke myriads of thought provoking concepts and emotions prior to 911. She has appeared in such films as John Schlesinger's Midnight Cowboy, Norman Mailer's Maid Stone, Milos Forman's Taking Off, and Andy Warhol's I, a Man. Apocalyptic angels, beautiful skies, rainbows, and Michelangelo are her current themes. Meeting her finally in New York a few months ago for a visit at her new New York studio was truly inspiring. The art speaks for itself and we hope you get the chance to see her current work, but more than that, it seemed like there's no one more connected to the humor and frailty of the rational or irrational mind. There's a sense of kindness about her. Click any image to enter our visit to her studio and then a trip to a corporate exhibition.




Ultra Violet's FAMOUS FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES is reprinted.
It can be found at Barnes and Nobles, ebay, Amazon, Authors Guild of America

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