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We caught up with our favorite New York art's personality, Mr. Billy Name at the shooting of the artist interviews for "Factory People," a new documentry about the famous Warhol Factory. We first met Billy Name at AUDART's "TEN YEARS AFTER: THE WARHOL FACTORY" exhibition commemorationg the Tenth Anniversary of Andy Warhol's death. It was Billy Name who Andy Warhol asked to come to the factory after seeing Billy's all silver apartment. Andy asked Billy to do the same to The Factory, which from then on became known as The Silver Factory.

Billy built his own darkroom into The Silver Factory and became the in-house photographer and documentarian of the years that followed. Look for our Billy Name Feature on ArtTV, coming soon.

For Immediate Release April 22, 2005

Factory People: Andy Warhol's Sixties Silver Factory is now in production in

NYC and Paris and Scheduled for Fall 2005 Release on French National


Factory People will be a three one-hour series that takes an in-depth look

at the lives and times of the people who gathered with Warhol at the Factory

and made it all click as a new counter-culture arose and began to exert its

influence throughout the art world then establishing itself in America

(specifically New York City) for the first time.

Based on fifty hours of new and original interviews shot in high definition

format, thousands of photos and never before seen film clips, Factory People

is not an Andy Bio, but a revealing and fun take on many of those around

Warhol who garnered their illusive "fifteen minutes of fame," including

Billy Name, Warhol's official Factory photographer who acted as gate-keeper

and collaborator throughout the "silver" years. Everyone was a peer,

everyone played with everyone else (in and out of their artworks,

performances, and happenings), and money was never considered a barrier,

since nobody really had any and the subsequent market zing of the art world

after the POP explosion was yet to come.

Factory People will also highlight the influence of the Beat Generation on

1960's culture, savor the irony of the rising tide of independent filmmaking

and highlight the origins of alternative downtown music, all of which

swirled around and influenced Andy over his most productive 10 year period

of making seminal art and films in a wholly cooperative group environment,

markedly different from the communes of the era.

In addition to Mr. Name, other confirmed participants include Ultraviolet

(Isabelle Dufresne), author of "Famous for Fifteen Minutes" the

unforgettable Jane Holzer; illustrator and photographer David Croland;

poet/actor Taylor Meade and others to be announced.

A Co-Production of PGE/Zarafa Films, Paris and France Television Channel 4.

Directed by Yves Billon

Screenplay by Emmy Award Winner Catherine Sullivan Shorr





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